These conditions determine the general conditions of participation for the competition that SOUDAL NL has organised for promoting their VIP PARIS campaign.

In the period of 01.04.2018 and 08.07.2018 SOUDAL NV organises an international cyclist promotion. This promotion is called “PARIS VIP”, and will be presented in stores all over the world. At the end of this promo, 3 winners will be selected who receive a DUO VIP ticket for the final race on the last day of the Tour de France.

SOUDAL NV wants to reward as much participants as possible and will thereby donate, next to the main price, 100 vouchers for the Soudal webshop, each with a value of € 50.00. To participate to this contest, you just have to fill in the participation form on the website www.soudal.com/parisvip.

Article 1

SOUDAL NV, headquarters located in Everdongenlaan 18-20, BE-2300 Turnhout in Belgium, organizes a competition which starts at 01/04/2018 and ends on 08/07/2018. This competition is open to people of all ages above 18, with the exception of the employees  or family of the employees of SOUDAL NV and its affiliates. These people are not allowed to enter the competition.

Article 2

This competition is being held in all participating countries, which are listed below in these conditions. Participants can enter the competition for free via the site www.soudal.com/parisvip. There is no purchase obligation required to participate.

Article 3

This competition will be held under supervision of SOUDAL NV. SOUDAL NV will state the necessary findings which will guarantee the objectivity of this competition. The decisions of SOUDAL NV are final and are not open for discussion.

Article 4

The main prize of this competition is a DUO VIP ticket for attendance on the last day at the Tour de France 2018. This prize cannot be transferred to another person and cannot be redeemed for money. SOUDAL NV wants to reward as much participants as possible and will thereby donate, next to the main prize, 100 vouchers for the Lotto Soudal webshop, each with a value of € 50.00. These additional prizes will be handed over to the winner as a voucher to be redeemed at the Lotto Soudal webshop (www.lottosoudalshop.be) for the amount indicated on the voucher. The winner will have to take into account that certain delivery costs may be added. These delivery costs are not part of the prize and will have to be paid by the winner.

Article 5

The main question and the tie-breaker are asked before filling in your data on the website www.soudal.com/parisvip. In order to participate in the competition, you will have to completely fill in the form, this includes your personal data, the main question and the tie-breaker. It is only possible to participate via the website.

Article 6

Only the forms that are filled in completely and correctly are considered valid participations to the competition.

Article 7

The competition will be held between 01/04/2018 and 08/07/2018 23:59h (GTM+1). There will be 1 draw in this period, which will take place on 10/07/2018.

Article 8

The draw and the final date to participate is the following:
1) Draw from 10/07/2018
2) Participate until 08/07/2018 until 23.59h (GMT+1).

Article 9

The number of participations to this competition is limited to 1 person per official address or person, and each contestant can only win one prize. Only the first participation to the competition will be considered as the valid participation.

Article 10

The main question of the contest is:
"Which FIX ALL product do Tiesj and Tosj use in the video?

The tie-breaker is the following:
"In what time will the LOTTO SOUDAL cyclists finish the team time trial on 09/07/2018?"

Article 11

After the competition, the forms with the correct answer to the main question and the answers that are closest to the correct answer to the tie-breaker are considered the winning forms. For the tie-breaker, the answer that is closest to the correct answer will be considered the winning answer; the closest answer that is higher than the correct answer will be chosen over an answer that is as close to the correct answer but is lower than the correct answer. SOUDAL NV will choose the winners based on the correct answer to the main question and the answer closest to the tie-breaker (see Article 10). In the case of a tie, the time of the entry will be decisive: the form that is entered first gets the advantage.

Article 12

The correct answer to the tie-breaker will be determined by SOUDAL NV and only the forms that are filled in correctly and completely before the end of the competition (see Article 8) via the website www.soudal.com/parisvip will be taken into account.

Article 13

Each winner will be contacted personally by SOUDAL NV by mail. Participants that do not win, will not be contacted.

Article 14

SOUDAL NV cannot be held responsible for any breach of contract in case that this breach of contract is directly or indirectly, completely or partially caused by circumstances outside of its free will that have hindered seriously or made impossible the implementation of its commitments. If this is the case, the winners will be informed in writing.

Article 15

The organisers have the right to change the rules of the competition unilaterally and at any given moment or to cancel the competition in case of circumstances beyond their own control.

Article 16

There will be no written or verbal communication about the competition rules.

Article 17

The winners of the VIP experience in PARIS will be provided with a financial contribution, with a maximum of 500 euro, to cover the transportation costs to Paris. The contribution will be done based on invoices for transportation.

Article 18

The winners must be legal inhabitants of the following participating countries:

Article 19

The participant must be 18 years or older. Otherwise the participation is not valid.

Article 20

If SOUDAL NV notices any form of deception or abuse from the side of the participant, SOUDAL has the right to exclude this participant from the competition.

Article 21

If there are less participants then prizes, all prizes will not be distributed.

Article 22

The winning participant of the main prize must react within 48h after he has been contacted by SOUDAL NV. Otherwise SOUDAL NV will select a new winner. In this case, the initial winner will be awarded with 1 of the 100 vouchers.

Article 23

The main prize (duo VIP-ticket) does not include the following:

Article 24

By entering this competition, the participant agrees that this competition is based on Belgian legislation.

Article 25

SOUDAL will NOT hand out the main prize if for any reason the Tour the France is cancelled.

Article 26

Any mistakes in writing or spelling in these conditions cannot be subject for any discussion.

Article 27

SOUDAL has the right to change the conditions of this contest on any given time.

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Soudal asks some information from the participants. This information is necessary for the following reasons:

Name: We need the name of the participants so we can personalise our communication.
Date of birth: We need the birthdate of the participants, to determine if they are older than 18. (Article 19)
E-mail: We need the e-mail address of the participants so we can contact them if they have won a prize.
Phone: We need the telephone number from the participants so we can contact them if they won the main prize.

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